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Guidelines For Offering Financial Help
Guidelines For Offering Financial Help

The following guidelines have been compiled by the 5D Outvesting Resource Team (this team runs this forum site) from the Many Of One family (MOO). We offer these guidelines as suggestions for anyone, especially those in the Many of One, Healing Earth Network and Hollow Earth Network families, who has been financially blessed by the RV and wishes to help others financially. These guidelines are only our suggestions but the final decision about how to help others financially is yours alone. We hope you find these guidelines helpful.

1. We suggest that anyone from the Many Of One, Healing Earth Network or Hollow Earth Network family wishing to provide financial help to other people use their inner knowing as the primary tool to guide them in how to proceed when helping others.

2. We suggest the following sharing priority:
- Self
- Family
- Friends
- Healing Earth Network, Many Of One and Hollow Earth Network family who did not get currency at all or enough.

3. We do not want to just give people money. We believe that if someone has financial difficulties in many if not most cases that money is not the root cause. We want to come along side people and help them find and deal with the underlying difficulties. We also recognize that we can not force people to want to change; the desire for change must come from within/heart.

4. We believe each person is greater than the sum total of all their experiences, beliefs and emotions. Finances/money is a major issue touching us all from a young age. Good decisions, bad decisions and a system set up for personal failure has provided great learning opportunities.

5. We suggest that anyone giving financial help decide if they will release funds without any strings attached or if they encourage the recipient to work on other issues that may block their long term financial well being. We strongly suggest that all who receive funds also receive guidance on new financial knowledge and management.

6. We suggest that anyone giving financial help to individuals pay their bills rather than giving them  cash where possible. This will avoid any temptation they may have to spend the cash for other things. Here are some examples. If they need groceries, you might contact the store where they shop and ask if there is a way you can prepay for a certain amount of groceries. If they need help with utilities, you might consider paying three times the current bill to give them some breathing room. If need house repairs, ask them to get 3 bids from contracts that they submit to you, then you pick the winning bid and pay the contractor directly. If they are behind on the their mortgage, you might pay to get them caught up and a some extra months so they can get on their feet.

7. We suggest that anyone giving financial help to individuals only help the same individual for a maximum of three to five months. Money may not be the root problem and we do not want to create another welfare state where people rely on others for help. We suggest that the financial help we provided only be a bridge to get to a better place. We anticipate that very soon there will be funds available world wide for universal debt relief and general prosperity.

Healing for thoughts and emotions:
The Healing Earth Network will have a wide variety of healing modalities that will be practiced or recommended. We suggest directing those receiving funds to the Healing Earth Network teams who can use these healing modalities to help people overcome the thoughts and emotions that block their financial success.

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