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Checklist for security
(This article talks about security issues for those who have come into sudden wealth. It was copied from -, link no longer works.)

Posted by C.S.C on March 14, 2014 at 8:38pm

I live in a small town where it’s still relatively safe. People tend to leave their doors unlocked and the most common crime is drug related. I take precautions, but don't go out of my way to.

From this place of serenity and security, I used to read the many postings for the need for security with a grain of salt. They seemed to prophesize a scary world of Gloom and Doom, a place I didn't want to go. I rationalized that the rich people I know don’t seem to take extra precautions, so why should I?

Then, one day, I came to a realization. We have a target on our backs! We are a unique group of people in one of the most unique times in history. We need to think in new ways.

Our personal information began being collected the instant we purchased our first currency. We were put on a list. Then, when we call the 800#, we will be put on another list.

When we go to the bank to exchange, we will be put on yet another list. The bank will send this list to the appropriate multiple agencies that will put us on their lists and those lists will be shared with unknown businesses and agencies; all designed to track our financial movements for years.

All of our future activity pertaining to money will be put on lists and tracked. Thank you Edward Snowden, for making us aware of this.

Each and every one of the lists I just mentioned will be vulnerable to inside theft, plus outside hacking. As a group of people, we are super vulnerable! At no other time in history has a list of this size, of newly wealthy people ever been created and distributed.

What a golden opportunity for unscrupulous people who want money the easy way.

We are brand new babies in the world of the rich or super rich. We are big hearted people who care about the world and want to help those in need.

Perfect targets for sob stories, lawsuits, scams and ID theft. Start now and become as invisible and untrackable as possible.

There are articles online and many books written on the subject. Read the book “How To Be Invisible” by JJ Luna. It’s a quick, easy read and available from most libraries. Educate yourself.

If you haven't yet, I would suggest you begin your efforts NOW to make your personal information as secure as possible. There are exchange-focused websites that have archived lists of things to do:, and are three that I know of. Many of the Gurus have said they will have post Reval information available. Some sites will move, shut down and/or be closed to new members post RV, so sign up now.

Remember, I’m not a professional. The following is my personal list created from hours of study that I’m freely sharing with you.

Most important is: Immediately get an attorney and create either a trust(s) or an LLC and put EVERYTHING in it! Use this name for EVERYTHING!!!

Here are a few of the things to pay attention to:

1. Get a burner phone to make your 800# appointment, then get rid of it. Cancel all cell phone(s) you have now and get a burner phone with minutes paid for with a card for all future use.
2. Create a new secure email address ( is one), sent from a secure browser (Safari is one) to give to the 800# appointment operator, then cancel it. Get rid of all your current email addresses. Create another secure email(s) to use in the future.
3. Get a PO Box and use it for EVERYTHING, and I mean everything! Bank statements, car titles/licenses, utilities, credit cards, etc.
4. If you order online (always use your secure browser and secure email), have your PO Box be at a private mailbox service that accepts packages or have the packages delivered to a friend’s address.
5. Get a cross-cut shredder and shred ALL your mail!
6. Use NO debit cards on bigger accounts......too easy to hack. Have one account with a small amount to use for daily expenses that you use a debit card with.
7. Use a credit card and pay the balance off every month...harder to hack and you get perks.
8. Learn how to make super secure passwords and use them.
9. Have your computer checked for viruses, keyloggers and hackers. Your service person should have a program they can run that wipes all personal information from it.
10. NO online banking except for your daily expenses account. Deal only with your personal banker when you want to access your accounts. Do not deal with the teller/retail side of the bank for your bigger accounts.
11. Remember to set up your accounts as “Non-Test, Non-Training Accounts with Access Restricted from Non Essential Bank Personnel”.
12. Unless you have a professional handle your accounting, have a separate computer for your bookkeeping that NEVER goes on line. Use a thumb drive to transfer information between computers if needed.
13. Re-think your participation in social media. Delete ALL social media. Yes, that means Facebook, Twitter, etc. If this is too hard, at least get rid of ALL personal identifying information. This is the easiest way to find and track a person.
14. Don't brag and be flamboyant in your purchases.
15. If you signed an NDA, remember “Loose Lips, Sink Ships”. They can and will take your money.
16. In everything you do, design it to help keep yourself in a low profile.
17. Move if you have to, to a locale of more affluent people where you won't be questioned about your new lifestyle.

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