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Why we believe outvesting will be possible
If you have read the "What is 5d?" (click here to read it) article, you know that we expect major changes in the world economy in the near future. As a result of these global changes, there are two specific reasons why we believe outvesting (click here to read about outvesting) will be possible.

  1. We expect a number of currencies around the world to revalue at a much higher rate than exists as of 8/1/15. This revaluation is called the Global Currency Reset (GCR) or Re-Valuation (RV) in some circles. The GCR is expected to eventually affect every currency on the planet. Some currencies will go up in value and some will go down in value. When the GCR happens, those who purchased the currencies that go up in value before the GCR will be able to exchange them back into the currency for their own country and experience a significant increase in value.  The new value of some currencies is expected to increase in value by 3000 times or more when compared to their value as of 8/1/15. For example if someone purchase $1000 US dollars worth of a foreign currency, they might receive $3,000,000 or more in the exchange. There are many people in the Many of One, Healing Earth Network and Hollow Earth Network families that hold the currencies that are expect to increase in value. When the currencies revalue, many of these individuals will have more than enough to meet their own needs and the needs of their own families. The people in Many of One, Healing Earth Network and Hollow Earth Network families have big hearts and they will want to share with others.
  2. After the GCR takes place, we expect that what is called "the prosperity" funds in some circles will be released. We understand that these funds will be sufficient to pay off the debt of every person, government and business on the planet. Some estimate that the prosperity funds are worth at least 1 x 10^18. Said another way, 1 with 18 zeros behind it. The funds will pay for many projects to improve life on this planet. Examples might include cleaning up the environment, bringing out new technologies, improving the infrastructure (transportation, water, and power) on the planet. We expect the funds to also be given directly to every person on the planet to meet their basic needs. After the prosperity funds are released, there may no longer be a need for those who profited from the GCR to assist those who did not profit from the GCR.

This forum has been set up to assist those who suddenly have a lot more money from one or both of the two sources described above.

It is beyond the scope of this forum to discuss the GCR beyond what we are describing here. We do not intend to become a web site that covers this topic since there are many websites and forums that are devoted to this topic. Likewise it is beyond the scope of this forum to discuss the release of the prosperity funds. There are other web sites that discuss this topic and provide evidence that these funds exist and will be released to help humanity.

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