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What is "outvesting"?
The term "outvesting" in the name of this website is intended to signify the opposite of "investing". Investing is putting money to work in a way to offer potential profits for yourself. By using the term "outvesting" we intend to shift the focus away from ourselves to other and to imply doing things to help other people. 

We do not intent to imply that everything we do should be only to help others. In fact, we firmly believe that helping yourself must be your first priority or you will not be able to help others. But we do hope to encourage choices that would help other people after your needs are met. So the term "outvesting" could be thought of as charitable giving to charitable organizations and to individuals. The sections of the form specifically set aside to cover this "outvesting" ideas is the section called "Outvesting - Share Charitable Giving Ideas". 

There are sections of the forum that cover the concepts of "investing" for yourself.  The "Blocks to financial well being" section covers things in our lives that can block our prosperity. The "Financial Education" section contains material that increase your financial IQ. The "5D Investing" section covers investing in the current world with an eye to the changes that will take place as we transition from 3D to 5D.

Our goal for the forum is to cover all aspects of investing and outvesting and organize it in a what is easy to access. 

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